Phoenix is home to nearly 2,800 SAE alumni from over 221 different chapters. After hosting the 1997 SAE National Convention, the local alumni retreated to more of a local ASU chapter alumni association. In 2015, an energetic group of alumni lead by Joe Laux (AZ Beta) and Tom Healy (OH Gamma) re-chartered the SAE Phoenix Alumni, Inc. to focus on all chapters in Province Upsilon as well as alumni from every SAE chapter represented in metro Phoenix. Today, our Alumni Association controls nearly $200,000 in investments which we use for scholarships and awards locally. Due to this financial management, there are no more alumni dues. Each of our monthly events operate on a break-even basis with fees only charged for the breakfast, lunch or event cost.


Our Beginning

The SAE National Staff called upon the Phoenix Alumni to assist in the re-colonization efforts of Arizona Beta after it was closed in 2013. Local alumni were instrumental in working with the colony starting in the spring, 2017 through its rechartering in February, 2019.

“An energetic and healthy alumni association is not a fairy tale. All you need are some seeds, water and Arizona sunshine.”


Thanks to a few seeds from our SAE chapters in the mid-west, brothers from Nebraska Lambda Pi, Texas Alpha, Oklahoma Kappa, Missouri Delta, Ohio Gamma, South Dakota Theta, Kansas Beta and a few others got together to energize the old Phoenix Alumni Association.

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Our Mission

Representing “The True Gentleman” has been the mission of our Fraternity in mentoring the undergraduates. Here are the numbers of alumni and undergraduates who adhere to The True Gentleman.

2,711 alumni

living in the metro Phoenix area of 4.6 million people

221 chapters

represented out of Minerva’s realm

Chapter Geography

West 1,500

Midwest 756

Pacific Northwest 151

Southeast 127

Northeast 177

Southeast 127

True Gentleman.jpg

Get Involved

There are no fees to join the SAE Phoenix Alumni except for the actual cost of each event. Our events have been planned monthly through the year in different locations around Phoenix and times to maximize your attendance. Like the story of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, we hope you’ll reignite your flame and join us for brotherhood.

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